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A new concept in Plant Sterols: ready-to- use plant sterol liquid sachets that can be mixed directly into any food or drink, a flexible alternative to conventional plant sterol-enriched foods. Each Cardiosmile sachet provides an optimum 2 gram daily dose of plant sterol to effectively lower cholesterol levels.
Cardiosmile does not require refrigeration, and it`s a gluten, lactose, sugar, fat, sodium, calorie and GMO-free product.


Worldwide Innovation

After 10 years of research, Nutrartis has launched Cardiosmile: the only food supplement that provides 2 grams of pure water-soluble plant sterols per serving. Our patented technology makes Cardiosmile such a versatile product that it can be mixed directly to any food or beverage.

Convenient and Flexible

Easy-to- use, portable sachets that can be mixed directly with any food or beverage, giving the consumers the chance to choose how to take their daily dose of plant sterols.

Free-from Product

is a GMO, fat, calorie, gluten, lactose and allergen-free product; made essentially of pure plant sterols and water. Cardiosmile does not require refrigeration.


Naturally Effective

is a natural product, elaborated from pine tree sterols. Plant sterols are substances present in all fruits and vegetables, which have been shown to inhibit the absorption of cholesterol.


It is very easy to take Cardiosmile: simply pour the content of your daily sachet into any food or beverage of your choice, and you will already be contributing in the reduction of your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Why is Cardiosmile Different?

Conventional plant sterol supplements present low plant sterol dosage, demanding several servings per day in order to get and effective pant sterol dose. Cardiosmile is a novel plant sterol formulation in which free sterol particles have been downsized and stabilized using a proprietary process. This process improves the clinical efficacy of sterols, allowing us to provide a full 2-gram daily dose of plant sterols per sachet.


In a recent clinical trial, carried out at the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (University of Manitoba, Canada) Cardiosmile not only showed a reduction on LDL cholesterol (12%), but also a lowering effect on triglycerides (14%), with no adverse effect on absorption of liposoluble vitamins. Cardiosmile is the only plant sterol product that has also shown to lower triglyceride levels in humans. The chart below shows how Cardiosmile outperforms other natural alternatives in several parameters related to cardiovascular health:

Nutrartis is currently working on further clinical trials in order to study the effects of Cardiosmile on all Metabolic Syndrome markers: abdominal fat, hypertension, insulin resistance, high triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol.


Nutrartis is actively looking for partners to commercialize the unique Cardiosmile concept in different regions.
For inquiries and further support, please contact:

Rose Marie Dell’ Orto
Chief Comercial Manager:

Gonzalo Vega
Commercial Manager:

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